PPP Loan – Forgiveness Instructions & Application

May 18, 2020
On Friday, May 16th the SBA published their Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application along with instructions and worksheets. The Loan Forgiveness Application will need to be submitted to the lender servicing your PPP loan.
You can access the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application, instructions and worksheets here (link).
The AICPA (our professional credential governing body), has been great at disseminating information regarding the PPP, with articles, Excel calculators and prescient insight. As of this email, they are still updating their Excel calculator for forgiveness. Here (link) is an article on forgiveness released by the AICPA last Friday.
The AICPA’s SBA loan information center and resources can be found here (link).
We are available to discuss this newly released information. Please call us at 203-852-7088 or email if you have questions.
This PPP loan guidance and information continues to change on a daily basis and as it does, we will keep you up to date.