Tax planning, preparation, and management

We know! Everyone loves taxes. With that in mind, our team is entirely dedicated to ensuring that client tax burdens are less of a burden. From preparation and planning to management and filing, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service.

Equal parts math and magic, properly honoring liabilities, and finding opportunities to reduce exposure is one of our many hallmarks.

  • Individual – Form 1040 tax preparation
  • Estate/ Trust – Form 1041 tax preparation
  • Gift Tax – Form 709 tax preparation, gift tax planning
  • Non-Profit tax returns – Form 990 & other compliance
  • IRS and state and local (SALT) representation
  • Tax controversy, including income tax, sales tax, business tax.
  • Tax planning, research, and advisory regarding but not limited to:
    • Transaction services
    • Real Estate Like-kind 1031 exchanges
    • Qualified Opportunity Zones
    • Basis of accounting selection
    • Corporation Section 1202 Stock
    • Retirement distribution and contribution tax planning
    • Real estate tax advisory
    • Trader Securities
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Operating agreement tax language advisory
    • Buy/Sell advisory
    • Investment partnership planning
    • Pass-through entity tax savings analysis
    • QBI 20% Deduction
    • Research credit & other applicable business credits
    • Family individual/ business tax planning
    • Employee benefits
    • Paying employees compensation in the form of stock or business interest
    • Fringe benefits
    • Sales Tax
    • Payroll Tax
    • SALT (State and Local Tax)


Our goal is to make sure clients are kept in the loop regarding relevant tax changes and financial opportunities.